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Of the many many things wrong with our world, the one that stands out is our emphasis on perfection, even though, we know none of us are perfect.
If perfection didn't matter, make-up wouldn't exist. Filters on Instagram would be quite useless.  
If perfection didn't matter, we would not fall over ourselves trying to tell the world how much we love each other. There would be no such thing as a perfect love story. There would be no ideal couple. There would be no "made for each other".
If perfection didn't matter, we would not judge anyone, for anything. We would make peace with our faults and other's faults. And live in the joy that we are not A+.
If perfection didn't matter, we would not make small talk with anyone. Just enjoy the awkward silence of two introverts meeting each other and not knowing what to say.
To the world though, perfection matters. So, in a weirdly, twisted, complicated way, we try to put ourselves out there, with garbs of perfection on…

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